The following workshops are available throughout the year. Check the event schedule. Also If you or anyone you know would like to host a workshop I would be happy to talk with you. Please call.....609.685.7817


Angel Hug Meditation

Many people are currently aware of the presence of Angels in their everyday lives.  Angel Meditation will allow you to meet, amuse, inquire, and investigate infinite possibilities with your Guardian Angel.  You may even discover your angels leave you feeling uplifted, inspired, and empowered. 

Learn To Communicate With Your Angels

Angels have journeyed with us to this world and are all around us. They are our friends, our guides, our confidants and  more. They come to us as a whisper, a sudden thought, a knowing or a feeling. They are loving teachers who guide us gently in directions that benefit our soul’s purpose.

In this class we will learn to communicate with these beautiful Beings using automatic dictation and Oracle Cards. Automatic dictation  is the process of quieting your mind, asking a question, having faith your angels are listening, letting go and allowing the angels to write messages through you.

Oracle Cards use pictures instead of writing to enhance your connection with the spirit world; we will learn how to use these cards and interpret the pictures.  Each participant at the beginning of class will receive a deck to take home.

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