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Explore Your Psychic World

The information in this class will be designed around Robert Egby’s workbook, “Explore Your Psychic World” and the topics will include:

  • Psychometry -  The Time Machine
  • The Akashic Records - The Books of Life
  • Clairvoyance and Clairaudience - Sights and Sounds
  • Karma - The Law of Cause and Effects
  • Auras - The Colors of Life
  • Automatic Writing - Messages in Writing 
  • Spirit Guides - Conductors for the Other Side
  • Mediumship - Carrying Messages from Spirit

This is an eight week course and each week we will be discussing one of the techniques mentioned above along with mediumship practice.

Explore Your Intuitive World

This is a four (4) week intensive course that will help heighten your sense of touch, inner sight, inner hearing and so much more. It will help you connect with your higher self and allow you to go beyond what you may have believed possible.

Learn To View The Aura

Surrounding every living body, humans, animals and plants, there is an aura or “halo” which reflects the state or condition of a person. For instance, a clean vibrant red aura suggests an energetic, generous and passionate person, while a grubby red aura might indicate anger or irritability. When two people are drawn together, one of the key factors of attraction will be that their auras generally match.

The aura is your personal energy, which consists of electromagnetic particles radiating from the body in several layers and  are composed of colors that reflect the mental, spiritual and physical character of a person. Seeing and understanding the aura can greatly enhance both your personal and business relationships.

Using our physical eyes we will learn to observe the aura of each student in class. Photos will also be taken of each participant’s aura along with an interpretation of its colors, so come spend an evening learning techniques to view this beautiful “halo”.

What's your color?

Psychometry for Beginners

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